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Legit Johnlock Scenes

Sherlock doesn’t let John sleep either… for different reasons.

I absolutely accept this reading. This is actually how that scene went, isn’t it? :)



He HAS to get manicures. There’s just no way. They’re too perfect. And if he does, fine! We can go together once we’re married, hehe. :)



He HAS to get manicures. There’s just no way. They’re too perfect. And if he does, fine! We can go together once we’re married, hehe. :)


sexuality: that’s what you are now, mary. you’re a client.

Man, I was so happy when John reached that point!!! Too bad the Christmas Day scene had to happen after it, ugh. (Still hoping there was more going on under the surface there!!)



Is it just me, or does John seem far more surprised to find a woman in Sherlock’s bedroom than he is to find Sherlock in a drug den?  

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You are spot on, my friend.

He definitely has stronger and more negative feelings about the second one! Oh sure, they fight after the first one, but the second is about something that John, having gone and married someone other than Sherlock, is not really allowed to have negative feelings about, yet he patently DOES, and the way he attempts to hide it is grotesquely painful and obvious and just so awkward to watch!

The Manipulation by Mary Morstan.


It struck me that from the beginning there was something fishy about Mary.


Mary pretends not to recognise Sherlock. Even if we look at Mary here without knowledge of her past as revealed later in HLV, Mary is not believable. Let’s say she is an ex assassin, running…

I like this post a whole lot! 

Looking at Mary from a non-Johnlock perspective, I can admire her skill and planning, what I cannot see is a woman in love. Agreed. I beleive that she does love John, in her way/view, but none of this behaviour is indicative of that. There’s a bigger game going on than the fact of Mary’s simple feelings of love for John. 

Everything else reads as manipulation toward a goal, as CAM says she is a very clever, very bad girl. Agreed again. I have a whole post about Mary’s manipulative behaviour that I didn’t like right from the start. 

… (I) can admire that from a distance.This is the where I struggle, personally. I often love villains. I love Moriarty. I loved Heath Ledger’s Joker. I loved Khan (didn’t even see him a complete villain). I love Lucius Malfoy. But mostly I don’t love them. I don’t love Joffrey Lannister Baratheon. I don’t love his mother. I don’t love Sauron. I don’t love the slave drivers in Game of Thrones. And I don’t love Mary. I can easily agree that she’s horribly well-positioned to cause immense damage from where she currently is (has already caused more than enough regarding Sherlock!!). I can agree that she’s an interesting character, but even as a villain, I can’t say that I like her. I want her gone, period. 

As a Johnlocker I just need John to start fighting, not Sherlock, John. Because by the end of HLV John knows he’s been played, John knows he made the wrong choice, John needs to sort this. I don’t know if I would agree (yet) that John knows he made the wrong choice. I feel a strong need to see that realisation happen, because the best we have to go on is his very half-hearted non-forgiveness forgiveness scene. I don’t know that he’s had that moment yet. I need him to have it! And start fighting properly. Unless there’s more going on that we haven’t seen yet - but that’s just it; we haven’t seen it. We can hope, but we don’t know, and I hate that! 

*goes back to working on current fix-it, muttering to self*

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He can still be reported to the medical board and the healthcare administrator.

I am planning to write a strongly-worded letter! 

I'm so sorry for your health troubles! Hate when doctors are dismissive of obvious problems. Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed, get better soon!

I should sue his ass off, except that in Canada, tort laws don’t work quite the same way. He sent me home, whereas the pharmacists I saw took one look at me and told me to go to the hospital at once. When I arrived there, I should have known something was wrong when I didn’t have to wait at all, ever - I was hurried into triage immediately and when she was done she wanted me to go to the next place in a wheelchair. I was like, no no, I can walk! When we got to the next place, she helped me change into a gown (alarming; I wasn’t planning to stay all that long, you know?) and told me gently that I was in shock already from the reaction. Like, if I had just gone home, I could have DIED. That’s more than just dismissive, that’s criminally negligent!! Ugh. 

On the plus side, despite the root canal I just got (in French, naturally), I feel so very much better today! :)

Martin, you flirtatious little ho, you. Just kiss him already.

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Madame Tussauds has been overwhelmed by requests for a wax figure of Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch and after two sittings and hundreds of measurements, it’s really starting to come together. 

Cumberbatch is going to appear “premiere ready” in a dashing suit when he takes up residence in the London branch of the popular attraction. 

The star himself is excited at the prospect, mostly it seems because he can “finally photobomb” himself. (x)

He is too cute to be allowed, hehehehe

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Oh no! :O I hope you are ok now - that’s so scary :O. Did you have trouble breathing at any point? Hope not *wrings hands in worry*

Yes, I actually woke up (three hours into my very late night’s sleep) because I couldn’t breathe. I went back to the clinic I was at on Tuesday first (it’s about a 7 minute walk away) and while the nurse there was great, the doctor totally brushed me off. I went to the pharmacy with my new prescription and the two pharmacists were both like, “omg, these drugs aren’t strong enough - look at your face! You need to go to the hospital!” Whereas the jerk doctor from the first place said he couldn’t see any hives (I was covered in them) or swelling. Like, WTF. And when I arrived at the hospital, they told me I was already in shock. If this were America and I had any money for a lawyer, I’d sue that doctor. I AM going to write a nastily-worded (in French, of course) letter, though!